One Act Festival

The One Act Festival returns for its 27th year with a host of plays from new and established writers. The content of the plays is wide in variety but all have to fulfill one criterion, the play must be consist of only one act and be between 20 and 45 minutes in length.

The Festival begins on the 24th of May at the Lost Theatre, Vauxhall. It runs until the 28th of May with each day featuring 3 productions from 3 different writers.

24th May 2011

Suffer the Little Children by Jamie Chandler: Rory has a date but neither he nor the woman are what they seem.

M.U.D. by Ed Hunte: A meditation on the boundaries between life and death and the footprints left in between.

The Negotiation by Chris MacDonald: A flirty, combative battle of the sexes in which long-lasting relationships are constantly threatened.

25th May 2011

The Mole & The Worm by Lowri Jenkins: Two mismatched strangers find each other, trapped, in the dark: will comedy or tragedy prevail?

Conference Call by Howard Colyer: Martin Mill’s wife has vanished, and so has much of his memory, but what’s happened?

Gridlocked by Kim Spence: A monk. An agoraphobic. A dead body. And recycling. You’re not crazy; you’re Gridlocked.

26th May 2011

Conversations with Love by Ann Akin: If you could have a conversation with love what would you say?

Flotilla by Braham Lyons: An exploration of the idea of control in relationships within a constrained time setting.

The Winning Crowd by Alan Fielden: A birthday party, a new born baby, a deck of jokers, an army of prophets.

27th May 2011

Teenage Politics by Louise Pendry: From hangovers to the House of Lords, the youth of today talk teenage politics.

To Believe a Stranger by Marlon Cera-Marle: Insanity through hinted conversation, a short journey from annoyance to insanity.

The Spiral Down by Jermain Barton: Four strangers have a chance meeting before the clock strikes 12.

28th May 2011

Almost 1 Million by Jenny Parsons: The less we have, the less we have to lose…

Aengus by Fiona Doyle: ‘Though I am old with wandering… I will find out where she has gone. ‘Yeats.

The Mirror by Hannah R Cosgrove: What do you see when you look in the mirror?

LOST Theatre Company
208 Wandsworth Road

Tickets are priced £13/£10 can be purchased from Ticketweb


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