The Alternative Press Fair: Day One

Today we headed to Conway Hall to attend the Alternative Press Fair. There were rows upon rows of stall of extremely well made and innovative zines from the likes of Lizz Lunney, Eye Ball and Dr Parsons. The fair is one of the final opportunities to get physical copies of Eye Ball before their move to Mongolia, after which, Eye Ball will only exist online. We left with bags filled with zines, postcards, and from Lizz Lunney, a Triple Peaks sew-on patch. The final purchase was a bundle from Paper Tiger Comics, initially priced £5, we got it for £4.10 and two badges.

We shall be returning to the fair tomorrow, as you may have guessed from what was paid for the Paper Tiger bundle, eventually, we simply ran out of cash.

Of course, there’s more to the fair than just buying things. We were privy to a fascinating discussion led by Paul Gravett and Phillippe Morin on the the evolution of alternative comics. Tomorrow sees discussions on “What’s so radical about radical publishing?” witph Jesss Baines, Frederico Campagna, Andrea Gibbons, Malcolm Hopkins and Leila Kassir. Heurenberger and Art is roof will be making a screenprinted zine which anyone can contribute to.


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