Bandstand Busking at Ray Davies’ Meltdown Festival

For the second year in a row, Bandstand Busking will be taking part in the Southbank’s Meltdown Festival, this year curated by Ray Davies. For the unfamiliar, Bandstand Busking make use of the many unused bandstand in London for their intended purpose. They invite musicians which have in the past included Fanfarlo, Emmy the Great and Wild Beasts to perform. These shows are recorded and thus there are a number of videos illustrating what Bandstand Busking is better than this summary.

Following an amazing evening Halloween busk (pictured), Bandstand Busking went on hiatus and now appears to back and better than ever with a brand new website and a busk with Dark Dark Dark on Hampstead Heath to start things off again.

Last year, Bandstand Busking set up a Bandstand in the Clore Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall and the likes of Sam Amidon, Oh Ruin, Laura Hocking, Slow Club and Johnny Flynn performed. It was a great addition to the festival and as a result we can assume that this years’ Meltdown Festival will be made that little bit better with the inclusion of Bandstand Busking again. The bandstand will be headlined by The Guillemots and will take place in the Royal Festival Hall on the 18th of June between 1pm and 5pm.


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