On the Alternative Press Fair

The 28th and 29th of May at the Conway Hall were a definite treat for anyone with even a passing interest in comics, zines and independent publishing. Anyone walking into Conway Hall was immediately exposed to table after table of overlapping stalls from a number of publishers such as Paper Tiger Comix leading to one question, where to start?

Alternative Press Fair

One of the first exhibitors we managed to wade through the sea of people to was Eye Ball, who are relocating to Mongolia and will no longer be printing the magazine. Since April they’ve been uploading all of their content online in preparation. Not far from Eye Ball was Dr Parsons who had zines on such things as ways in which Princess Diana could have died and another about Michael Jackson’s life. For short and immediately appealing comics, Lizz Lunney is perfect, be sure to look at some her work. A favourite purchase would have to be Collemoki‘s book of Marsupials, the collection of which was launched at the fair. From Cath Artic we got ‘An Illustrated Reference of 12 Lesser Known Saints’. Adam Moore’s table was another filled with delights including one filled with his drawings of such individuals as Yuri Gagaran, the first man on the moon and Clark Gable, the seventh man to win the Oscar for best actor, counting up to fourteen.

The winner for best written biography would have to be Sarah Kläpp which stated, “Sarah Kläpp grew up in a the pineforests of Smaland in Sweden but is still only a little weird. She lives and currently works in Malmö. Sarah draws abstract poetic poetic comics and a fascinated by things that are subtly wrong”. The bio leaves out that she’s quite nice to talk to and that the covers for her comics are stunning.

Alternative Press Fair

Other great exhibitors included Tom Pearce, Jaime Huxtable, Abi Whitehouse, Matt Abbiss, Dan Berry, Elly Strigner, Walrus Zines and Kazuko Morishita.

Alternative Press Fair


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