From the Minds Behind the Cineroleum: Folly for a Flyover

In the Summer of 2010, a group of volunteers came together and transformed an abandoned petrol station at 100 Clerkenwell Road into a a fully functional cinema. The Cineroleum was built by hand out of found and donated materials with objective to pave the way for innovative ways of using more of the 4000 derelict petrol stations in the UK. Providing popcorn and short films, they showed a number of classic films over a 4 week period. And then it was gone – such is the nature of the pop-up venue.

Many will be pleased to find that the Cineroleum team are at it again, this time using donated and found materials to create a building  in the gap between the east and westbound traffic of the A12. This new project is titled Folly for a Flyover. In this (once again) pop-up venue, the team will host a programme of cinema screenings and other activities over a 5 five week period in conjunction with Barbican Art Gallery and CREATE 2011.

“Constructed from reclaimed and donated materials and drawing influence from the surrounding buildings of Hackney Wick, Folly for a Flyover is an imagined piece of the area’s past, suggesting the story of a building trapped under the motorway.

By day the folly will host a café, workshops and events alongside boat trips exploring the surrounding waterways. At night audiences will congregate on the building’s steps to watch screenings ranging from animation classics, to experimental cinema with live scores, light shows and performances.

Like a giant construction-kit, the folly will be built over the period of a month by a team of volunteers. Having served one purpose it will be disassembled at the end of the summer, its components taking on new incarnations in the local area.”

For more information or to get involved with the project, head to


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