Ever come across something for the first time and been shocked that you weren’t already privy to it? Your interests and hobbies seem to converge on this thing, yet somehow, it bypassed you. This is what happened with me and Aisle 16. Aisle 16 are a poetry collective formed of Tim Clare (author of We Can’t All Be Astronauts), Joe Dunthorne (author of Submarine), Chris Hicks (McSweeneys contributor), John Osborne (author of Radio Head), Joel Stickley (co-author of Who Writes This Crap? and blogger at  How To Write Badly Well), Ross Sutherland (co-wrote Poetry Boyband and author of Things to Do Before You Leave Town) and Luke Wright (host and curator of Latitude’s Poetry Arena and author of  High Performance). 7 literary heavy hitters.

Next Wednesday sees the beginning of the 4th season of Aisle 16’s “literary cabaret night”, Homework. Running from June to November, Homework takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Season 4

1. Conspiracy Theories

Wednesday 29th JUNE

Tim Clare premieres ‘A Very Short Poem‘ — a long poem that explores paranoia, delusion and conspiracy. Feature support from Ross Sutherland who presents his documentary, Every Rendition on a Broken Machine, with a live voiceover (see trailer below). Support comes from the Homework residents presenting new work that explores the changing relationship between us and our reptilian overlords.

2. Aisle16 R Kool

Wednesday 27th JULY

Aisle16 are cool. They wear shades, play sweet licks on their guitars and love chillin’ out and watching The Gadget Show. Wanna hear their poems? Luke Wright, John Osborne and Tim Clare, present a pre-Edinburgh showcase. Support from Joe Dunthorne and a special guest. PLUS John Osborne playing records that he won from a competition on John Peel’s Radio One Show in 2002

3. Wild Abandon

Wednesday 31st AUGUST

The launch of Joe Dunthorne’s new novel, Wild Abandon, with a specially devised live reading from the book. The book follows the story of Albert and Kate, brother and sister, who are not yet the last two human beings on earth, but Albert is hopeful. Support from John Osborne, Ross Sutherland, plus an extra special guest.

4. Film Special

Wednesday 28th SEPTEMBER

A full-length show built from live DVD commentaries, to tie-in with the release of Submarine on DVD. Each Homework resident will present, analyse, fast-forward, rewind and pause the gory bits of a film that has influenced them. Joe Dunthorne talks about how Goodfellas tempted him into the world of shoplifting. Ross Sutherland provides a new narrative for some 1980s rap videos. Plus extra special guest.

5. Escape

Wednesday 26th OCTOBER

Last season we tried out a special event called ‘My Worst Gig’, inspired by The Moth’s storytelling events in New York and Los Angeles. Joining the residents were Granta editor Alex Clark and journalist Johann Hari (see below). The format worked so well we’re trying another one — an evening of true stories told live onstage without notes, all on the subject of ‘Escape’. Stories from all Homework residents, plus some extra-special guests.

6. Poet In Residence

Wednesday 30th NOVEMBER

The HOMEWORK residents seek to create literary residencies where no residency ought to exist. John Osborne will be poet in residence on the 48 bus. Tim Clare will be poet in residence at the Weetabix factory. Ross Sutherland will be poet in residence at the building that houses the servers of an online casino. Luke Wright will be resident at the BBC (Bungay Bowls Club.) A new full-length live literature show — a world premiere.

For more information about Aisle 16 and Homework, head to www.aisle16.co.uk


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