Welcome to the Wilderness…

…The Wilderness of Manitoba, to be exact. If you don’t already know, this five piece chamber folk band hail from the creative mixing pot that is the city of Toronto, Canada. In the beginning the members all lived together under one roof, experimenting with sound and lyricism in their own basement. The result?  An organically cultivated and multi-layered sound. A sound that is rich, whilst simultaneously managing to captivate a single scene or emotion through a song.

The band has been likened to Simon & Garfunkel, and their music described as echoing the first Crosby, Stills & Nash album. Though there are strong similarities between Wilderness and these greats, one cannot deny them recognition for the originality and novelty of their own unique sound.

Luckily for us the band is delivering their debut album When You Left The Fire to the UK by hand, and will be playing in London at the end of September to co-inside with this. As a precursor, they have released a video for their song ‘Orono Park’, a track that creates an ambience that is haunting and rustic, fresh and timeless. The video is charmingly animated, and reflects the song itself, transporting the audience from stagnant rooms and polluted streets to ‘breezy nights’ and ‘gardens growing full again with life’.

Listen and watch here for yourself, I beg anyone to differ.

When You Left The Fire is guaranteed to carry you on an adventure through the wilderness, and I for one anticipate their official entrance onto the British folk/ indie music scene. I can’t help but feel that we could all do with losing ourselves in this balmy and beautiful wilderness for a while, especially in these uncertain, post-riotous times.

The Wilderness of Manitoba will be performing at the intimate Slaughtered Lamb on the 26th of September | Tickets


Written by Kate Tattersfield


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