Bara No Chi

Bleeding sky stitched and sewn

With the grasping branches of bleeding trees,

Their silhouettes shedding bleeding leaves,

As serenity stains the bleeding me


Roseate ripples garnish the horizon;

I always look to the sky for advice

Hana Kanzashi and blossom-scattered paths,

A world so frail and fragile,

That I unconsciously threaten

Like skin to shattered glass


At night I can see the scarlet stars

Burn and flourish

In an urgent, passionate blaze

Cardinal lanterns softly scatter

As I contemplate how long it will be

Before I mourn this time and place


There once slept beside me

A wise, auburn fox

Marooned from the hunters,

He told me not to fear

And now that I am tamed,

I can still hear his prose

Saying “strength is more precious

Than garnet, ruby, and rose…”


The sunset smells of strawberries

As I pass a pious woman,

Her body cloaked with Bara No Chi,

Her crimson Kimono

So I shuffle onwards through a curtain

Of serpentine vermilion vines,

Praying for purpose, good fortune, and charm

And for courage against the flames


By Rae Louise Jones


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