My Light

I see you in the crystal tear drops of rain.

Your beam bounces through the water skies.

Your presence is the lightness

that posses like the invasion of the morning glow.

The light belongs to you.

Your tone, your strings a silent streak of shivers.

You’re so sweet, your touch, your smell.

I mould your face in the clouds that float along

A long time I waited to get it right.

Your face the golden stem that defeats the curtains.

You come after the rain, a scene of beauty

My lips were the orange butterflies that were woven

with azure prints,

I spoke your name and trembled.

The honey that dropped amongst the rotten petals

crimson. I lay to hear the orchids breathing.

The collapsing sound of their buds

standing on the freckles of soil.

Watching the short summer from a distance.

The sunrise of our tomorrow, stretched

across the purple skies.

The blue winds carrying my song

along the fading surfaces of the earth.

My desires streaming through your waterfall.

There is a place where I belong

in your palms where you have carved me.


By Linda Bryan


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