“No arguments, it’s all about the music and having fun”: An interview with Chase the Enemy

Modern music is constantly changing, growing and adapting to the taste of teenagers all over the world, so when Chase The Enemy formed a band together in the small town of Chelmsford, it looked like we were in for a fresh, new contemporary group. An alternative rock band made up of Jessica Moore, James Buck, Josh Dawson, Tom Bellman and Tom Moore, they have worked outrageously hard to keep playing and gigging at many shows across the local area. With a first recorded EP under their belt and many appearances at Y Festival, Barhouse and a tour just to name a few, it’s no wonder they’re proud of their achievements. If you haven’t heard of them yet, look out for them in the future – they’ll be storming the UK and more.


The name of the band is quite interesting and unique, how did you come up with it?

James Buck: We liked ‘the enemy’ in a name and we wanted something before it so it was down to choosing the word that fitted the best with what we wanted to have.

Thomas Moore: It fits with the idea of standing up for yourself.


For a teen band living in Chelmsford, you’ve come far with an EP and a tour. What’s your biggest achievement as a group in your opinion?

James Buck:   The biggest achievement I would say was playing with The Dangerous Summer, Who’s Driving? Bears Driving! and Underline The Sky.


With one female and four males in the group, you must get a lot of comparison to other bands of the same format. What makes you stand out from the rest?

Tom Bellman: We are different because we have a rockier edge; we like to experiment with different sounds and try to avoid songs with ‘samey’ verses and big choruses which is like every other band.


The band itself has been through a few changes regarding members. Is this the fully formed Chase The Enemy now?

Thomas Moore: Yes. We’re very happy with the line-up now; we all get on very well. No arguments, it’s all about the music and having fun.


If you had to describe your style of music in three words each, what would you say?

Jessica Moore: Interesting, expressive, explorative.

Thomas Moore:  Quality, enjoyable, well-good.

Josh Dawson: Energetic, powerful, unique.

James Buck: Better than spelunking

Tom Bellman: Rocky, fun, sexy.


Which bands do you aspire to be like, and what makes them a good band in your eyes?

Josh Dawson: Young guns, not to be like them music wise because it’s a bit different to us, but they are so tight live and all really friendly with each other, never getting bad vibes from interviews and obviously they have amazing music. Musically I guess we aspire to be like bands such as Biffy Clyro because they create music that is varied, from relaxed to upbeat. Then Muse, I suppose, because all of their songs are so different from one another and we’re kind of after that – we don’t want our music to be repetitive because people will get bored of it. I think that’s what makes Muse a good band among other things, obviously.


What is the normal routine for creating a new song – do the lyrics come from real experiences?

Jessica Moore: The lyrics are a mix of different things. Some come from experiences I’ve had in my life personally and others are based on things I’ve seen and heard in other people’s lives or in the world. Some will have emotions put to them and others more ‘themes’ or ‘ideas’. The normal routine is usually James has a riff that he’ll play to all of us and all the guys will work from that. While they’re all piecing it together I’ll either be sitting looking through words and lines I already have or writing a new one from scratch. I like to write the words while I’m hearing the music because I want it to all fit and flow together. When the music mellows and slows down I want the words to fit alongside that.


What should everyone be expecting from the ever-growing performances of Chase The Enemy in the future?

Josh Dawson: Well we’re going to keep playing shows and keep writing songs, get our merchandise out there and get as well known as we can on our own, so keep an eye out for upcoming events/updates.


What advice would you give to ambitious bands like yourselves to keep them persevering?

Jessica Moore: To keep playing as often as you can and keep writing your own stuff. I mean a few covers here and there are alright but try to write and perform as many original songs as possible. Don’t be disheartened if you get criticism or if you’re playing to no one because those things happen with every band.


By Holly Braine

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