Sister I’m a…

He’s happy in the haze of a drunken hour

And his bedroom always smells of flowers,


‘James can I borrow you for 15 minutes?’

He doesn’t say yes but he wouldn’t say no.


‘I mean now James.’

‘But Laura how soon is now?’


Oh please, please, please help me

Ignore this ponce


Whose fragile life I’ve destroyed

Twice, not once.


He’s annoying and don’t I know it

Apparently he’s living his life as a poet.


The bicycle punctures, he weeps

And begs for someone to sing him to sleep,


A train passes by, he cries,

Then leaps in the ocean with a look of surprise.


Many a time I’ve had to wonder

About the girls who’ve had Morrissey for a brother.


By James Price


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