The Glitter Globe

Catch a star,
And twist it’s light,
Into the corrosive shadows,
Of this creeping night.

Concoct a cloud,
And whisk it round,
The crevices of the screaming sky,
Like acid pebbles,
Writhing from the eye.
Can we find an alkali,
Just in time to neutralise?
Destroy our sacred glitter-globe,
This all protecting ozone.
But trapped inside our own world,
We can’t escape from our mistakes.

String up a bouquet of lights,
Those twinkling freckles are a lie.
Cleanse crimson hands among us,
But blacken, tarnish
Values we do not encompass.
Just a passing swarm of devouring dust we vent,
Into this thick, dense air,
Yet simply we pass judgement.

Industry our new recruit,
An untamed, unrivalled catalyst,
A reaction one cannot dilute,
Pollution the ally we did not enlist.

Such a world built on illusion,
A place of nocturnal confusion.
How much terror are we willing to create,
Before finally; our dying dreams dissipate?

By Hannah Sharland


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