The Prejudice of Tattoos

Tattooed Arm

For many years tattoos have been considered a sign of rebellion to society associated with punk rockers, macho bikers and gangs. In modern day society, tattoos are still equipped with a great deal of stigma. The stigma associated with tattoos is so large, that some employers may even turn down an individual who wants to work for them, because of the sole fact that they have a visible tattoo.  If a tattoo will be considered disruptive to the workplace then I understand why an individual may not get a job, for example someone who has a ‘British National Party’ tattoo on their neck may not be able to land a job as a police officer for obvious reasons. However, most won’t have a tattoo as extreme as this, and often times it comes down to just whether a person has a tattoo that can be seen in the work uniform, and not what it symbolizes, which will be a deciding factor in a job interview.

In my opinion tattoos are a personal choice, every day the media submerges us with role models sporting visible tattoos, and they are still talked about with praise and admiration, but yet the moment one of us ‘average’ individuals give in to the temptation, we will be looked at as a lingering street thug waiting to rob an old lady of her money. Anyone who has a tattoo will have their own reasons as to why they have the tattoo, but it does not reflect the skill or the qualities that they bear and will be able to transfer to a job situation. If someone is incompetent at a certain job, they will be that way regardless of whether they have tattoos. It is not just in my opinion to look at an individual differently because they have a tattoo of a parachute with a gun on their arm to symbolize their Grandad’s service in the parachute regiment.

Tattoos are a sign of an adapting society, a beacon of evolution. An article from the Mirror website proclaims that a third of young people now have tattoos. If this is the case then this just shows how society is removing the associated stigma with tattoos. In  45 years can you imagine how many people are going to have tattoos? The craze of tattooing is only just heating up in my opinion, the pot has only just been put on the cooker and it is going to get heated up a lot more before it is set and done.

Tattoos also represent individuality, the world would be a bland place if everyone was the same, and now tattooing is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to express themselves, and use their creative artistic flair to make an addition to their skin which really compliments their personality, or a certain phase in their life. To take away this individuality would be a step backwards, we are no longer cavemen who all look the same and illiterately grunt at each other, we are now smart, rational human beings who have the right to make their own decisions in life and live with them.

No matter what anyone says, it is direct discrimination. I for one have tattoos I am proud of and will have many more, regardless of what anyone else may think of me, you don’t know the reasons an individual has gotten tattoos and mine define who I am, I would not change my tattoos for the world, and like many others, I will get more before I am done.

A great quote from Mr King once read “Don’t judge me on the color of my skin, but on the content of my character”. The same applies to those with tattoos, individuals bearing tattoos should be judged by who they are and not what they choose to put on their own skin.

Article By Karl Hobbs.


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