Volumes of Revolution

The storm giants marched in the black and white night.

They towered and they fought

Till they bruised a deep pinkish-grey,

And returned to balance moodily on the bowl of the world.


They did not see what you

And I

And my clock face saw:


A bright morning blue and a freshening breeze

That showed the pale undersides of leaves

And promised that


One day, flowers will riot in the railway tracks.

They will pull down the bridges

and choke along the roads

Until certainty flees before us into the cooling twilight

and the stars sing for salvation.


When that day comes,

when you glimpse a purple turret through the leafy mist,

come with me.

Come with me to the corner of your eye

and dance with me and my clockwork love

to the limits of the sky.

Defy the lightning with me for a thousand, thousand summers

And spin on the scars of the cuts to your heart..


And wait,

As I do,

for your life to start.


By Rosemary Lynch


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