Karl Hobbs Euthanasia – A great gift, or a demonic excuse for death?

Euthanasia- the very word is enough to spark of a colossal debate in almost every society, and it has become one of the most controversial subjects on the planet. Euthanasia of course, refers to the act of ending the life of someone who has an incurable disease or condition, which is destroying that person’s quality of life. The fire of the debate has reached seemingly scorching heights with the double effect rule, which allows doctors to administer patient’s large doses of morphine even if they know it will shorten their life, in order to stop them suffering.

Euthanasia is against the law in the United Kingdom, and can lead to a prison sentence of up to 14 years. However in other countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium the practice of Euthanasia is legal and commences quite often, why is it that these societies allow Euthanasia, yet most of the world shuns the idea?

Now the tantalising fundamental issue raised when talking in regards to Euthanasia is; obviously the moral issue which is under what circumstances, if any should Euthanasia be allowed?  I personally believe that no matter what religious views you may attach yourself to, everyone at fundamental level is the same, a human being; we all breathe the same air and live on the same canvass which we call the universe.  When someone is in so much pain that they are considering their departure from this realm a much more appeasing offer, then I believe that to be the rock bottom of life, and I don’t believe we should be able to tell them that they can’t have a peaceful death, as opposed to a horrific and agonising one.  Religious groups may swamp the idea of Euthanasia and indeed they may see it as an act which violates their codes of law, however I would like to wager that if these individuals were to be placed in a situation in which their own flesh and blood was screaming out in pain before they go to sleep, knowing that this night could very well be their last on earth, I have a strong belief these very people would begin to question their religion.

Some people will argue that it is murder, however I assure you that there is a massive difference in a person mindlessly slaughtering a perfectly good human being, as opposed to helping someone who has no chance of living to die, in order to minimise the suffering in which they are going to face. I indeed support euthanasia although being christened, I believe that everyone has the right to free will, and by taking away the option of having a peaceful death you are not allowing a complete society, in which one is fully in control of their own destiny.

Although Euthanasia is not legal, I really think a reasonable policy should be reviewed and negotiated at the House of Parliament, which states that if a sterile, safe, and clean hospital, with permission of the patient, or permission of their loved ones, gives consent that they would like to die painlessly and easily, then I think this should be a perfectly legal and respectful wish. Most of society is graced with the gift of dying naturally, without seriously problems, but have a think to yourself, if you was in a situation where you knew you had a disease which was not going to be cured, you was becoming a burden to your family and the pain which you experienced shot through your body everyday, draining your energy and eating you alive until you dyed, would you not like to choose the more humane option and be able to rest in peace?

By Karl Hobbs


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