The sun flashed white in her eyes, painting it’s warmth up her exposed pale skin, it ran it’s fingertips across the arch of her spine and along the definition of her shoulder blades, cascading it’s intertwining glow of vivid reds and oranges up in the sky on the bridge of her nose and back of her thighs. The warmth sent her head into a state of disorientated bliss and her eyelids flickered with the heat as the powder blue sky blended itself effortlessly with the ocean ahead of her and everything became a colour scale of deep, dark, light and shallow blues all dancing together, a white streaked across and waltzed with the darkest of blues while the lighter blues sambaed the afternoon away with the a dark shadow of black that would eventually and gradually envelop the entire sky as night would condense itself around her body that lay barely clothed across the silk thin granules of sand. Now, however, it felt like a pampering luxury enclosing an intense heat across one half of her body, radiating through her every pore and warming each molecule of her body without any effort or movement at all – she was soaking it into her and absorbing all the warmth into the tips of her toes, allowing them to surge through her organs and up her stomach before coursing through her veins and even heating the roots of her hair.

As she finally let sleep engulf her a gentle and warm wind built up around her, swaying the dominating and ground swarming trees encircling the beach in which she was laying in the middle of, their thick brown trunks thinned slightly as they branched off to the overwhelmingly large deep green leaves that hung slightly in their perfectly formed and well defined stereotypical leaf shape that was ovular before forming off into slight peaks at the top. The greens of them were to be admired; they shone beautifully with spots of white light where the sun collided with them before rolling off into a colour so deep it resembled velvet on every leaf.

She was in a complete haven of heat, warmth and sun and as her eyes flickered open a few hours later as the tide was crawling up the sand towards her, creating a darkened and sticky effect amongst the once smooth and fine sand where her hands had been laying sprawled out across the deserted beach around her. The water washed over her and a cool sensation buzzed on the tips of her fingers as she gripped the now easily moulded sand as the white flecked water drew back slightly before swaying forward again glinting with the suns still burning light on the sea before her. It’s moment was of a swift nature and glided elegantly and effortlessly back and forth as she pulled herself up from the hot white sand that has stuck to her slightly sweaty body, flicking back her long hair like a mane she felt the strands collide with her neck and back in a whipping motion, brushing down her front she dipped her neatly manicured toe into the clear blue shining water. The cool surged up her body and felt soothing to her now overly hot self, and she bent her knees forward diving into the depths of the water ahead, letting go of both her thoughts, emotions, worries and above all she let go of her inhibitions as the water laced into her toes, crawled up her hair, tickled her eyelids and raised a smile on her worn out and tired face.

By Gemma Rutland


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