The Scarlet Thread Anthology: Joie de Vivre

Clutching my fate, I stare out of the window with a start,

And as I bob into a quiet reverie,

I notice the darkness in my heart.

All love has gone, all hope has died,

My sanity scattered, my dreams were denied.

Feeling cold, feeling dead,

My heart is black, no longer red.

And like Pericles’ sword,

Like Bellerophon’s hat,

I cut the cord, between

This life and that.

My eyes are a maelstrom,

Raging and dark, against the sharp

Rocks in my head,

That drown the ships with

A siren’s song of bleak and blue.

I conclude my war, my strife,

And I sign the legacy of my life;

Trails of red on the wall,

I slip off the edge, and tumble and fall.

Crimson graffiti, art: ‘Love and Repent’

Leaves its mark upon the cement.

By Peter Wysocki

Photo via (cc) Flickr user jbelluch (Jake Bellucci)


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