The diamond in the rough

If theres one thing i’ve learned from life, it would be that life is what you make of it, and it can be constructed into a beacon of happiness, or it can be made in to an ecstasy of rage. I come across the latter such people quite a bit these days, who wield the small problems that life chucks at them and sculpture these problems in to a mountain. Life is a challenge for everyone, you are going to come across hard times, and you may feel like giving up, but what defines a persons true character is how they respond and deal with these situations, burdens are little more then creases on a shirt that can be easily ironed out and erased. Deep within the human psyche, the desire to achieve is paramount and surfaces amongst any other emotion, or rational thought, however although this is the case, when opportunities are presented to us, many of us choose not to take these, ignorantly thinking success will come our way without working towards what you want, and this develops in to a vicious cycle of complaining about the things which one desires, however life will keep ticking away and you will not see no change. Life is heavenly, but life is something  you must work on, you cannot drink from the cleansing waters of life without contributing something yourself.  Life is a tool, which needs to be perfected and mastered to fulfil the specific job within which you require it to do, a shattered diamond can be repaired, it just takes the right amount of due care and attention, remembering that doors in life open, and doors in life close, this is only to narrow out the route which is inevitable for you, if you feel like  you are going no where, get out and experience what life has to offer, take up a exciting new hobby, you never know where it will lead, get out of town, and go and look at the luxurious scenery, meet a new friend who can help you progress with life, and take up the fruits of life’s labours.

Undertake in wild new activities, life is an oasis of exploration, just waiting to be uncovered, the sense of achievement can easily be found within your life, whether that be from a full time job, a college course, university, or anything else within which you find personal pleasure in. This diamond may be in the rough, however with personal strength, courage and commitment, this diamond can be personalised to be the best looking diamond you have ever seen.

By Karl Hobbs

Photo via (cc) Flickr user Daniel Spils

One Response to “The diamond in the rough”
  1. Terri says:

    Very well said

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