When the Time Comes

When your sitting down alone at night,
And your trying not to cry with all your might,
Remember, I wouldn’t want you to be upset,
Although I may be gone, I lived a life with no regret,
Although my life may have been prematurely ended,
For my service I have been commended,
And when the time for my life to end came, I accepted it with no shame.

Your heart is a ocean, within it flows the most succulent form of love,
And when you feel sad look at the sky above,
The sky is an exotic blue, but for you there is a storm to battle through,
Life’s clock ticks down for us all, so let lose the shackles of your ritual,
I chose my fate, although for you the pain may be all to great,
Just remember that when the wind blows through your beautiful hair,
That I’m at peace now and with you precious memories I had shared,
And just remember when my time to rest came, I accepted it with no shame.

Life is not about how many seconds you graced it with, rather what you do with those seconds that
Embrace this loss don’t ever let it yourself be shattered,
I want to thank you for all the lessons you taught me throughout life,
The value of the things which I learned from you really has no price,
I want you to rejoice the name of your beloved son,
Who honoured his country and most of all his mum,
So when you are sitting on the your garden decking as you often do,
Listening to the joyful chants of doves and the looking at the vibrant glow of the sun,
Remember you alone, earned the right to be called a true mum.

I want you to take good care of yourself,
You’re a strong woman and I know you can get through the hard times,
Just remember that you will see your son again, and I am doing fine,
I am always going to be watching down on you from above,
You are my blessing, and the only woman I loved,
I guess if you have read this letter then I couldn’t remind you just how much I loved you,
But just keep this letter and read the words that are so true,
Remember mum although I may be gone I am still here for you through hard times and heavy rain,
When my time to rest came, I accepted it with no shame.

By Karl Hobbs

Photo via (cc) Flickr user Jura Wanderer (Ian)


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