Ever come across something for the first time and been shocked that you weren’t already privy to it? Your interests and hobbies seem to converge on this thing, yet somehow, it bypassed you. This is what happened with me and Aisle 16. Aisle 16 are a poetry collective formed of Tim Clare (author of We Can’t All Be Astronauts), … Continue reading

On the Alternative Press Fair

The 28th and 29th of May at the Conway Hall were a definite treat for anyone with even a passing interest in comics, zines and independent publishing. Anyone walking into Conway Hall was immediately exposed to table after table of overlapping stalls from a number of publishers such as Paper Tiger Comix leading to one question, where to start? … Continue reading

The Alternative Press Fair: Day One

Today we headed to Conway Hall to attend the Alternative Press Fair. There were rows upon rows of stall of extremely well made and innovative zines from the likes of Lizz Lunney, Eye Ball and Dr Parsons. The fair is one of the final opportunities to get physical copies of Eye Ball before their move to Mongolia, … Continue reading

On Clerkenwell Design Week

Yesterday we took the opportunity to visit Clerkenwell for the Design Week, upon seeing the rain today, this proved to be a very good decision. Clerkenwell Design Week played host to a fascinating and intriguing range of showcases in the word of art, architecture and design. Be a Pin-Up by Lulu Guinness http://www.luluguiness.com Farmiloe Building Jaguar Tally … Continue reading

Alternative Press Fair, 28th-29th May

Between the 27th of May and the 13th of June, the Alternative Press Festival will take place. As part of the festival, next weekend sees the Alternative Press Fair, a two-day showcase of artists’ self-published comix, zines, art books, prints, radical literature and poetry. Exhibitors include some ladies from Women Who Draw, Poetry Illustrated and … Continue reading

Possible Damage

Remember that period where students in the UK were a tad annoyed about changes to the cost of going to university? No? The invasion of Milbank? More than a bit of kettling? And a very untidy London? Fortunately, for those that let this slip their mind and those that didn’t, the student protests are being explored in an exhibition … Continue reading

Adrift at Tank Gallery

Still from Charring Cross by Aliceson Carter The ever so secret Tank Gallery presently plays host to the most calming and mesmerising of exhibitions. Adrift is a collaboration between Aoife van Linden Tol and Aliceson Carter and runs up until the 30th of April. Tank presents a collaboration between mixed media artist’s Aliceson Carter and Aoife van Linden Tol. Drifting … Continue reading