“You never know we might switch things around and end up doing straight up country music”: An Interview With Laurel Collective

  When listening to a band for the first time, there’s something that anyone whose ever listened to music can’t help but do – compare them to other bands. This is a tricky thing to do when listening to Laurel Collective. There is such variability in the band’s discography that there is difficulty in drawing … Continue reading

Aisle 16 From Vodka to Homework; and Almost Everything Else Inbetween: An interview with Luke Wright

Aisle 16 is a collection of creative artists; poets, stand-up comedians, musicians and writers. The literary stars which compile the group are Tim Clare, John Dunthorne, Chris Hicks, John Osborne, Joel Stickley, Ross Sutherland and Luke Wright. Each have their specialist field in the arts, yet they all come together to perform at places like … Continue reading

“It’s not just a band – you’re seeing a full production”: An interview with Donner Social

After checking out their website, it wasn’t long before I was singing along to ‘Train Spotting in the Atlantic Ocean’, and it was clear I’d be interviewing two motivated, hardworking and passionate musicians. Donner Social, made up of Josh Ellis and Elanna White, have been making music together since the age of 13 when they … Continue reading

“There is nothing worse to me than music that feels uninspired and phony”: An interview with Alex Winston

Michigan native Alex Winston has come long way since leaving her hometown and heading to the Big Apple to work with production team, The Knocks. A duo who’ve worked with such artists as Ellie Goulding and Rihanna. Almost immediately after the move, she began working on her Sister Wife EP which proved that Alex Winston … Continue reading

“No arguments, it’s all about the music and having fun”: An interview with Chase the Enemy

Modern music is constantly changing, growing and adapting to the taste of teenagers all over the world, so when Chase The Enemy formed a band together in the small town of Chelmsford, it looked like we were in for a fresh, new contemporary group. An alternative rock band made up of Jessica Moore, James Buck, Josh … Continue reading

“It’s all about love and squalor, not politics”: An interview with Forms

Forms: An Interview With Forms are a new 4-piece band that started out in March this year. They have just released 4 new tracks including the song ‘Considerate’ and they play the band in feature film ‘Riot on Redchurch Street’; a story about the music scene in Shoreditch. I caught up with them on the … Continue reading

One Man Two Guvnors: A review and interview with Grant Olding

A series of unstoppable laughs is all I heard from the Lyttelton Theatre when watching the production One Man Two Guvnors. Taken from Carlo Goldoni 1746 classic comedy A Servant of Two Masters, Richard Bean has turned this production into one of the biggest comedy the National has seen.  Set in 1963, Brighton, this production … Continue reading

“If you want to be a writer finish something”: An interview with Abigail Tartellin

To say that Abigail Tarttelin’s CV is illustrious would be something of an understatement. At only 23 she is a published writer, actress, blogger… the list never ceases to end. And despite these accolades, this Grimsby born entrepreneur of the arts still manages to retain a refreshing air of modesty, coupled with a down to earth … Continue reading

Talent With A Heart: An interview with Laura Hocking

It is difficult to capture the essence of a person, and to express them in words so that others can truly feel a closeness, a connection with them. To define somebody within a strict word count, to pick and choose elements of somebody to create a brief overview, in some cases even to weave fiction … Continue reading

“It’s time for popular culture to sneer back”: An Interview with Miriam Elia

In a society where many seem to hold baseless, generalised opinions, it was certainly refreshing to meet the award-winning, controversial comedienne and conceptual artist Miriam Elia. Sitting in a Cafe on Camden’s Parkway, she tells me assuredly that comedy is a device for communication and it is used to create something meaningful. Meaningful, to Elia, … Continue reading