Fifty Shades of Grey – Can it really be classified as a piece of literature?

Christian Grey. Heard of him? Of course you have! E.L. James’ fastest-selling paperback has outshone the Harry Potter series by selling a staggering 40 million copies. But does the book deserve the popularity it has been given? The poorly written and awkwardly phrased erotic novel has become a social statement amongst women today. Describing the … Continue reading

Aisle 16 From Vodka to Homework; and Almost Everything Else Inbetween: An interview with Luke Wright

Aisle 16 is a collection of creative artists; poets, stand-up comedians, musicians and writers. The literary stars which compile the group are Tim Clare, John Dunthorne, Chris Hicks, John Osborne, Joel Stickley, Ross Sutherland and Luke Wright. Each have their specialist field in the arts, yet they all come together to perform at places like … Continue reading

“If you want to be a writer finish something”: An interview with Abigail Tartellin

To say that Abigail Tarttelin’s CV is illustrious would be something of an understatement. At only 23 she is a published writer, actress, blogger… the list never ceases to end. And despite these accolades, this Grimsby born entrepreneur of the arts still manages to retain a refreshing air of modesty, coupled with a down to earth … Continue reading

12 Books in 12 Months By Ali George

J.G.Ballard once said, ‘any fool can write a novel’, and that was before the Kindle was even a glint in Amazon’s beady eye. How spookily prescient of him for, in 201 1 , this statement has been tested beyond reasonable doubt – quite literally anyone with access to a computer can write anything they want, … Continue reading

Literary Death Match: An interview with Todd Zuniga

  The coupling of the words “Death” and “Match” is not a phrase that one would associate immediately with literature, except maybe in the context of a piece of work where a death match takes place. But, combining literature with battles to the, well, loss, is exactly what Todd Zuniga has done in a new … Continue reading

Issue #1

Issue #1 of Icasm Magazine featuring interviews with author Abigail Tartellin, musicians Alex Winston, Chase the Enemy, Clara Engel, Forms Grant Olding and Laura Hocking. Kirsty Dewhurst explains why Mechanical Bride is one to watch. Aida Amoako interviews Miriam Elia and Yasmeen Khan explores the work of photographer Charley Murrell. This issue also features short … Continue reading


Ever come across something for the first time and been shocked that you weren’t already privy to it? Your interests and hobbies seem to converge on this thing, yet somehow, it bypassed you. This is what happened with me and Aisle 16. Aisle 16 are a poetry collective formed of Tim Clare (author of We Can’t All Be Astronauts), … Continue reading

Issue One

The first issue of Novel Times, with features on The Little Angel Theatre, Literary Death Matches, Tiny Birds, Martyna Baker, Anika Mottershaw and Tank Gallery. Also featured are short stories from S.E. Hays, Michelle Stannard, James Price, David Gracey and Rae Louise Jones. Issue 1 is now available on Issuu and Magcloud, where it can … Continue reading

On the Alternative Press Fair

The 28th and 29th of May at the Conway Hall were a definite treat for anyone with even a passing interest in comics, zines and independent publishing. Anyone walking into Conway Hall was immediately exposed to table after table of overlapping stalls from a number of publishers such as Paper Tiger Comix leading to one question, where to start? … Continue reading

The Alternative Press Fair: Day One

Today we headed to Conway Hall to attend the Alternative Press Fair. There were rows upon rows of stall of extremely well made and innovative zines from the likes of Lizz Lunney, Eye Ball and Dr Parsons. The fair is one of the final opportunities to get physical copies of Eye Ball before their move to Mongolia, … Continue reading