Opinion: Footballers’ Fundamental Funds and British Armed Forces’ Pittance

Allow me to impress upon you some information, which may or may not surprise you. Mr. Lionel Messi is a professional football player, one with magical feet who plays spectacular football. This man earns the basic salary of 16 million euros per year, this is not including the various sponsorship deals he gets, and he … Continue reading

Comment: The Myths of Martin Luther King

‘Martin didn’t make the movement. The movement made Martin’ – Ella Bake January 16th is traditionally known in America as Martin Luther King Day. It is a federal holiday designed to mark the birthday of America’s most famous civil rights leader. Often the holiday proclaims the majesty of Martin Luther King; a man whose inspirational prowess … Continue reading

Karl Hobbs Euthanasia – A great gift, or a demonic excuse for death?

Euthanasia- the very word is enough to spark of a colossal debate in almost every society, and it has become one of the most controversial subjects on the planet. Euthanasia of course, refers to the act of ending the life of someone who has an incurable disease or condition, which is destroying that person’s quality … Continue reading

On Cuts to the Arts

‘Education, Education, Education’ were the words that Tony Blair once chanted as Labour campaigned to make education its number one priority. Years on, during the period of election, it seemed nothing had changed and the majority were still against the notion of tampering with education. Now university fees have rocketed from £6,000 a year to … Continue reading

The Prejudice of Tattoos

For many years tattoos have been considered a sign of rebellion to society associated with punk rockers, macho bikers and gangs. In modern day society, tattoos are still equipped with a great deal of stigma. The stigma associated with tattoos is so large, that some employers may even turn down an individual who wants to … Continue reading

Opinion: The London Riots by Aida Apple

While watching the centre of my town being vandalised and terrorised, I pick up a little badge on the table which read ‘I ❤ Hackney’. I remember the massive exhibition and campaign that had taken place a few years ago in order to promote a ‘safer, cleaner and greener’ Hackney. On the TV, a car … Continue reading

Opinion: The London Riots

Imrati Anand looks back at the riots that have plagued London in the last few days. Something as simple as a peaceful protest to gain justice for an innocent whose life was taken away by a mistake at the hands of a police officer transformed into mass destruction across the country. The violence initially began … Continue reading