Girl Walk // All Day

America: that land of opportunity, a world where you can achieve whatever you set your heart to. No city better symbolises this American dream like New York. It was the first place that immigrants would see when arriving in this new world from Europe and beyond. As such, it has become a melting pot of … Continue reading

One Man Two Guvnors: A review and interview with Grant Olding

A series of unstoppable laughs is all I heard from the Lyttelton Theatre when watching the production One Man Two Guvnors. Taken from Carlo Goldoni 1746 classic comedy A Servant of Two Masters, Richard Bean has turned this production into one of the biggest comedy the National has seen.  Set in 1963, Brighton, this production … Continue reading

‘Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals’ – Masterpiece or Mayhem?

It is undeniable that to the archetypal working mother, ‘Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals’ must be nothing short of a Godsend. As if by some sort of magical incantation cast by one of the world’s most popular wizards, otherwise known as the legend that is Harry Potter, Jamie Oliver appears to concoct his imaginative and awe-inspiring … Continue reading