The chair, the black straps, and the small buttons on that fiddly console. They were all he had and that defined his life, as far as he could remember. But he couldn’t remember much. The man said he didn’t have a mind and that he was mad, that was why he belonged to the funny farm. … Continue reading


The sun flashed white in her eyes, painting it’s warmth up her exposed pale skin, it ran it’s fingertips across the arch of her spine and along the definition of her shoulder blades, cascading it’s intertwining glow of vivid reds and oranges up in the sky on the bridge of her nose and back of … Continue reading

The Sun is Shining

The Sun is melting into the horizon. The lush grass glows warmly under the dying light of day. This is the last light I will ever see. I sit down on a small boulder. I have picked a spot by a stream. It flows slowly, like tea from the pot. I don’t know which stream … Continue reading

The Best of Us

I spend a lot of time thinking, “What went wrong?” That late Saturday saw this question asked firmly and furiously – it’s hardly surprising, you lose a job peddling overpriced stuffed peppers, olives and fusion chutneys, via email no less, and you can’t help but feel you’ve hit rock bottom – and in the face … Continue reading

Our Mistakes

The single-pane window was covered by plastic blinds, the off-white lines not quite folding all the way, and through the gaps she could see the flickering lights of the motel sign, highlighted by a weak, red glow. It was early – a quick glance at the clock on the wall informed her it was about … Continue reading

The Girl Who Never Slept

Out in the wilder end of Northumberland there once lived a farmer’s daughter who never slept. She cost her dad a good deal in light bulbs and heating, but more than made up for it in the work she did in the lonely hours, when her family rested.  She had so much time, and yet … Continue reading

Modern Men

If looks could have killed then his brains would have been splattered across the window a long time back. The nerve of this man made my blood boil and shot darts of acrid spite through my veins. I found my sense of danger vanish as I fixedly stared at him without fear. He was sitting … Continue reading