Magazine Archive


Issue #1 of Icasm Magazine featuring interviews with author Abigail Tartellin, musicians Alex Winston, Chase the Enemy, Clara Engel, Forms Grant Olding and Laura Hocking. Kirsty Dewhurst explains why Mechanical Bride is one to watch. Aida Amoako interviews Miriam Elia and Yasmeen Khan explores the work of photographer Charley Murrell.

This issue also features short stories and prose by Brandon Seager, Jen Considine, Rosie Fox, Holly Standfast and Dannyell Rowlinson, poetry by Mark Sforza, Isabella Steel, Hannah Sharland, Zara Anne-Sowah, James Price and Peter Wysocki

Novel Times

Issue #2

Ali George gives us an insight into her 12 Books in 12 Months venture. Yasmeen Khan and Shannen Shayne Ambrosio explore The People’s Supermarket. Linda Bryan ponders cuts to the arts and Wasima Islam comments on graffiti and love.

Short stories are provided by Hannah Standfast, Charlotte Aucutt, John Conway, Rebecca Bamforth and Brandon Seager. Linda Bryan, Kate Tattersfield, Hannah Sharland, Greg Needham, Mercy, Isabella Steel and Rosemary Lynch treat us to poetry and other creative writing. Also featured is the first part of Peter Wysocki’s Scarlet Thread Anthology.

Issue #1

The first issue of Novel Times, with features on The Little Angel Theatre, Literary Death Matches, Tiny Birds, Martyna Baker, Anika Mottershaw and Tank Gallery.

Also featured are short stories from S.E. Hays, Michelle Stannard, James Price, David Gracey and Rae Louise Jones.


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