The Scarlet Thread Anthology: Winds of Change

My fingers whisper as I caress the dream-swept balustrade; Tacit sorrow that melts like The mountains in molten sunlight. A porcelain vase lingers too Close to the edge. Now a beautiful phantasm in My mind, you lingered here, too, But still my heart can find no quietude In a soul that rages with melancholy and … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: War-Torn Kite

And in the streets, as the lights fade away into concrete sutures, The eternity of a smile, the fleeting whisper, Speaks a kiss embroiled in shadow. Standing between life and death, Obscure faces gaze at forgotten corners, And wither into crevices of the mind. Standing there beside me, each whisper collides and suffuses the air. … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: Fog of Love

In the crib of a lonely silence, In the arms of a morning mist, Lies the beauty of this world. It is not the emerald grass that has been burnished by dew of day, It is not the dulcet harmony of the little sparrows that sing and fly away. It cannot be the rhythm of … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: Joie de Vivre

Clutching my fate, I stare out of the window with a start, And as I bob into a quiet reverie, I notice the darkness in my heart. All love has gone, all hope has died, My sanity scattered, my dreams were denied. Feeling cold, feeling dead, My heart is black, no longer red. And like … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: Cobblestones

I walk along cobblestone streets, where my footsteps echo, And I am found underneath the caustic lights, my breath a neon cloud in the moon’s lambent shadow. The streets are adorned in litter; confetti of a faded dream. They speak, but they say nothing. Dark figures of a haunting sameness that has robbed their spirits. … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: Cinders

I sit and listen to silent memories as the callous hands of winter caress My skin in a bitter, precarious romance. The cold is my mistress, but my love for you hasn’t frozen. And despite the chill, and the solitude…I endeavor to remain jovial, for birds sing their dulcet melodies with the symphony of the … Continue reading

Girl Walk // All Day

America: that land of opportunity, a world where you can achieve whatever you set your heart to. No city better symbolises this American dream like New York. It was the first place that immigrants would see when arriving in this new world from Europe and beyond. As such, it has become a melting pot of … Continue reading


The sun flashed white in her eyes, painting it’s warmth up her exposed pale skin, it ran it’s fingertips across the arch of her spine and along the definition of her shoulder blades, cascading it’s intertwining glow of vivid reds and oranges up in the sky on the bridge of her nose and back of … Continue reading

Comment: The Myths of Martin Luther King

‘Martin didn’t make the movement. The movement made Martin’ – Ella Bake January 16th is traditionally known in America as Martin Luther King Day. It is a federal holiday designed to mark the birthday of America’s most famous civil rights leader. Often the holiday proclaims the majesty of Martin Luther King; a man whose inspirational prowess … Continue reading

“You never know we might switch things around and end up doing straight up country music”: An Interview With Laurel Collective

  When listening to a band for the first time, there’s something that anyone whose ever listened to music can’t help but do – compare them to other bands. This is a tricky thing to do when listening to Laurel Collective. There is such variability in the band’s discography that there is difficulty in drawing … Continue reading