Adrift at Tank Gallery

PictureStill from Charring Cross by Aliceson Carter

The ever so secret Tank Gallery presently plays host to the most calming and mesmerising of exhibitions. Adrift is a collaboration between Aoife van Linden Tol and Aliceson Carter and runs up until the 30th of April.

Tank presents a collaboration between mixed media artist’s Aliceson Carter and Aoife van Linden Tol. Drifting through the city, daydreaming, in this sense does not lead the complex world of the imagination, full of impossible happenings or psychoanalytical learning’s. Instead their work explores a state in between awareness, lost in the seduction of simplicity.

Adrift explores the almost hypnotic or meditative state of occupying ones own mind with small but significant observances within a public space. The loosing of ones self in such wonders contradicts the physical impossibility of getting lost on London. It is a reminder of ones singularity within the many, both comforting and isolating. The former being the overwhelming feeling for both artists.

Both No 1 and Fall Out deal with the perceived insignificance of the individual. Either not represented, as in the case of Carter’s No 1, where lives are rounded up for graphic impact and to make the news of death more palatable. Aoife van linden Tol’s  Fall Out, is a humorous metphore for the unfortunate consequence of ignoring the importance of the individual in shaping our environment.

Spanning both floors of the gallery Sail, sets the building afloat and incoporates the video works Charing Cross and Rain, creating a billowing collaboration of installation and film.

Gallery open: Wed – Fri, 3 – 6pm; Sat & Sun, 1 – 6pm, and by appointment (admission free)

The Ladywell Tavern
80 Ladywell Rd
SE13 7HS
Tank London

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