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When the Time Comes

When your sitting down alone at night, And your trying not to cry with all your might, Remember, I wouldn’t want you to be upset, Although I may be gone, I lived a life with no regret, Although my life may have been prematurely ended, For my service I have been commended, And when the … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Grey – Can it really be classified as a piece of literature?

Christian Grey. Heard of him? Of course you have! E.L. James’ fastest-selling paperback has outshone the Harry Potter series by selling a staggering 40 million copies. But does the book deserve the popularity it has been given? The poorly written and awkwardly phrased erotic novel has become a social statement amongst women today. Describing the … Continue reading

Gallery: World Pride 2012

Despite a failure to meet funding targets, the need the scale down the parade and a number of restrictions put in place by Westminster Council, people came out in force for London’s 40th LGBT Pride Parade. The event attracted audiences and participants from around the globe and even included a taste of the signature British … Continue reading

Coming Soon: The Renegade Craft Fair

When it comes to crafting, we seldom think of it as a Renegade act, but the people behind the Renegade Arts Fair think otherwise. In a departure from traditional arts and crafts fairs, the Renegade Arts Fair takes the DIY aspects of crafting to heart in a fair consisting solely of indie-craft artists. On 15th … Continue reading

Opinion: Footballers’ Fundamental Funds and British Armed Forces’ Pittance

Allow me to impress upon you some information, which may or may not surprise you. Mr. Lionel Messi is a professional football player, one with magical feet who plays spectacular football. This man earns the basic salary of 16 million euros per year, this is not including the various sponsorship deals he gets, and he … Continue reading

The diamond in the rough

If theres one thing i’ve learned from life, it would be that life is what you make of it, and it can be constructed into a beacon of happiness, or it can be made in to an ecstasy of rage. I come across the latter such people quite a bit these days, who wield the … Continue reading


The chair, the black straps, and the small buttons on that fiddly console. They were all he had and that defined his life, as far as he could remember. But he couldn’t remember much. The man said he didn’t have a mind and that he was mad, that was why he belonged to the funny farm. … Continue reading


Your hair is like stands of gold spun by angles, each ringlet was formed within the heaven’s own kilns. I wish to hold your face in my hands and stare into those blue eyes, that sparkle like divine pools of cyan water. How I want to kiss those red lips, inhale your sweet perfume, and … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: The Desert

If I should be a tree in the desert, I’d be fein to ask myself, “From whence came I?” You understand, there are cacti and there is sand; But none such as me! If I should have my roots in sifting sands, I’d often ask myself, “Where is the water that I must have?” If … Continue reading

The Scarlet Thread Anthology: The Rhyme of Samson Dime

Dime was seated in a chair one day, And watched the breeze and daffodils together play. Of his shoes and socks he quickly got rid, And gazed at a cloudy conglomerate he did. What the heavens advertised was neither wholesome nor good – (You’ll pardon me if my words are uncalled-for or rude) And retreat … Continue reading